Treasures of the Acropolis: Acropolis museum

– 20km from Astir

The Acropolis Museum’s exhibition houses over 3.000 artefacts and creatively narrates a selection of stories, taking visitors on a fascinating journey through everyday life on the Sacred Rock, from prehistoric times until the end of Antiquity. Stunning architectural design perfectly highlights the entire exhibition while creating an authentic feel that enhances one’s experience and triggers the imagination. The Acropolis Museum, is indeed, a true gem resembling a “glowing structure” that offers magnificent views of the renowned monument itself. You will discover abundant treasures that have withstood thousands of years; original building remains, marble statues, paintings, everyday items and more flood the spacious exhibition halls with stimulating vibes of an alluring past. Light shines through the museum’s glass floors all the way up to the top, highlighting the stunning exhibits which proudly stand in one of Athens’ most captivating museums. Visit one of the best museums worldwide to discover the Parthenon’s rich past and immerse yourself in the city’s historic culture!