Matsuhisa Athens

Relish dining at its finest 

Nobu Matsuhisa means dining at its finest. His restaurants stretch across five continents, with over 40 locations across the globe. His food is enjoyed by millions of diners hungry for his innovative food and sleek atmosphere. His name is the springboard for this generation’s master chefs, who have gone on to open their own acclaimed eateries after their start under Nobu’s guidance.

Home of the world famous Nobu cuisine, the restaurant Matsuhisa Athens has put the lean and modest power of Japanese culture and the charm of fusion philosophy on the gastronomic map of Athens. Located in one of the city’s most stylish and scenic locations, in Astir, Matsuhisa Athens promises a truly unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Designed by the famous Rockwell Group from New York, Matsuhisa Athens, with its minimal and organic design, lends beautifully to its natural surroundings. With magnificent views overlooking the Saronic Gulf, it delivers majestic sunsets and is stunningly illuminated by night. It’s easy to see why.