The Great Theater of Epidaurus

– 160km from Astir

Known for its architectural magnificence, outstanding symmetry and excellent acoustics the Theater of Epidaurus is a finely-preserved ancient theater and an archaeological site of great significance. Today, the monument attracts countless visitors from all over the world who wish to admire its architectural and artistic value. Also, during the summer Festival of Epidaurus the theater is flooded with crowds arriving to enjoy ancient Greek drama as well as other modern plays. The Theater of Epidaurus was built around 340-33 BC by the architect Polykleitos the Younger and is situated within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asclepios in Epidaurus, Greece. The Sanctuary was dedicated to Asclepius, the ancient Greek God of medicine. With a capacity of 14,000 spectators, the theater hosted dramatic performances and rituals that honored the God of medicine. Take a day trip and discover an extraordinary living ancient theater by the sea!