Giorgos Mouchtaridis @ Nice N Easy Seaside

Tonight at 20:00, radio producer Giorgos Mouchtaridis is giving us the awesome DJ treatment from the nice n easy seaside decks. Eclectic sounds and feelgood vibes await those who appreciate quality times.

Umi Night Sessions | Little D

August starts with a bang at the UMI Night Sessions of the new infinity bar, UMI by Matsuhisa Athens. DJ Little D is setting the groove on fire with his soulful sounds and our cocktails are about to create an atmosphere you won’t be able to resist.

Giorgos Mouchtaridis @ Nice N Easy Seaside

On August 2nd, at 20:00 we will all be having something to be psyched about. Acclaimed radio personality and DJ, Giorgos Mouchtaridis, is gracing nice n easy seaside with his presence and exquisite music taste. Definitely sounds like a plan.

Claudia Matola @ Nice N Easy Seaside

Tonight at 20:00, it’s all about music and fun at nice n easy seaside. DJ and radio producer, Claudia Matola is coming by, ready to shake us to the core with her sublime set. Be there.