Wine & Omakase Sensation

Matsuhisa Athens is proudly hosting a series of wine pairing events called WINE & OMAKASE SENSATION, accompanied by our special menu. The third one is happening on November 29, featuring Monsieur Nicolas Winery for 65€ per person.

Umi Night Sessions | Filippou B2B Makris

DJ duo Filippou & Makris is coming back to UMI by Matsuhisa Athens for yet another ear-catching UMI Night Session. Funky sounds blend with out of this world cocktails on October 4th, 21:00. We want you here.

Sunset Sup Yoga Sessions on Astir Beach

Every Friday of July, August and September, 18:00-19:00, Astir is introducing the Sunset Sup Yoga Sessions on Astir Beach. With Bhāvanā Yoga team’s expertise, Astir Beach is giving free classes in priority order exclusively to its bathers. Don’t worry about the...

Umi Night Sessions | Nitty Gritty

All Hail DJ Nitty Gritty, the creative prodigy with some serious NY swag, who is rocking the decks of UMI by Matsuhisa Athens on September 27th. Another UMI Night Session is upon us, Thursday, 21:00. Feel the vibe.

Umi Night Sessions | Jason Wasabi

Umi Night Sessions are alive and kicking and Jason Wasabi is determined to show you exactly how much, with an intense House DJ set at the new infinity bar, UMI by Matsuhisa Athens. September 13th, 21:00. Save the date.